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Model CAPU
Use Removal of Fine dust, Fume
Filter type ULTRANANO Filter
Filter cleaning method Auto air-pulse (Need air compressor)


CAPU-Series dust collector is to remove laser fum generated from steel and stainless stell process and dust generated
from grinding, shattering, cutting, crashing, rock polishing, powder injection, sack sealing works.



  • ULTRANANO filter
    The ULTRANANO filter is an high efficient filter that nano-fiber is coated on the surface.
    It has two times longer filter lifetime than the polyester filter.

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    CE certificate
    CE certificate registration complying with European standard (except Hopper type)
    ※ Need separate inquiry for CE certified product
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    Available for Customizing
  • Applying German analog manometer
  • Type of dustbox
    Drawer type dust box (Default)
    One touch separable dust box with caster (Option)
    Funnel form hopper type (Option)


Model Air Flow
Dimension Dust box Capa
A B C D(Inlet) Outlet
CAPU-100 12 200 0.75 650 650 1,385 Ø125 Ø150 22 160
CAPU-200 25 230 1.5 650 650 1,655 Ø150 Ø200 22 178
CAPU-300 40 230 2.2 770 770 1,705 Ø200 Ø250 31 224
CAPU-500 60 230 3.7 900 850 1,775 Ø250 Ø300 41 280
CAPU-750 80 250 5.5 1,360 900 1,865 Ø300 Ø350 84 490
CAPU-1000 100 250 7.5 1,800 900 1,925 Ø350 Ø400 105 580
CAPU-1500 160 250 11 1,800 900 2,145 Ø400 Ø450 105 713
CAPU-2000 200 250 15 2,000 900 2,165 Ø450 Ø500 118 800


  • GDC-TEX filter : fluoroplastic coated filter. suitable for carbon or fine dust.

  • Preventing Explosion design and safety structure

  • Bin vent type for Silo

  • Flame Prevention : Preventing the fire by extinguishing the flare at inhaling

  • Dust collecting method : One touch dustbox, Hopper type
    (Rotary Valve, Butterfly Valve)

  • Flexible conduit

  • Specification for licensing
    (stack & measuring spot, safety ladder & rail, watt-hour meter)

  • Available for changing the power specification :
    3 phase 220V/ 380V/ 440V, single phase 220V (below 3HP)

  • Combo panel

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  • Diagnosing service for dust collector performance and efficiency
    CAT provides right use, performance maintenance, diagnosing service for every dust collecting facilities.
  • Round visiting check-up
    We believe that all dust collectors should contribute to the improvement of working condition.
  • Repairing and replacing service for components and consumables
    CAT after-sales service always together wherever there is a dust collector.

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We have expert technician as air environmental professional engineer who completed the curriculum of Korea Occupational Safety and Health Agency .
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