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Environmental Service

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Comprehensive Solution

Formally registered for air environmental engineering and measurement agency
We have expert technician as air environmental professional engineer who completed the curriculum of Korea Occupational Safety and Health Agency .
  • Dust collection equipment design and production
  • +
  • Environmental permits and paperwork of the hazard prevention plan
  • +
  • Measurement of air pollutants in discharge facilities

Scope of work

Measurement and management agency for air pollutants
Licensing and Hazard Prevention Plan
  • 01. Measurement and management agency for air pollutants

    Measurement and management agency for air pollutant discharge and prevention facility

  • 02. Environmental Licensing and Hazard Prevention Plan

    Environmental consulting and licensing for additional factories and plants, Administrative task agency from hazard prevention plan, design drawing to authorization.

  • 03. Others (Research, Analysis and Consulting for Environmental regulation and Administrative procedure)

    Research, analysis, consulting and information offering for domestic and foreign environmental regulation

    Consulting, information offering and acting as an agency for environmental administrative procedure

    Diagnosis and research for environmental regulation related to selecting of location, constructing and managing the facilities

    Diagnosis, research and lecture for environmental checkpoints on sites

Client’s factory establishing procedure

Air Environmental comprehensive solution of Clean air Tech
widely satisfies client’s needs for environmental service from examining the location to managing after operation.

  • Examining the location of factory
  • Establishment
  • Construction and extension
  • Installing production equipment
  • Establishment completion
  • Operating
  • Reviewing environmental checkpoints
  • Presenting business
  • Hazard Prevention
  • Environmental Licensing
    (Air, Water)
  • Installing air environment facility
    (dust collector)
  • Measurement agency for air pollutants
    Consulting for environmental management