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Hazard Prevention Plan


Clean Air Tech's atmospheric self-measurement and environmental licensing,
One-stop environmental services are provided to the Hazard Prevention Plan.

Clean Air Tech is an official registration company for air environment construction and measurement agencies,
and has completed the training of the Korea Occupational Safety and Health Agency.
Having specialized technical personnel, the administrative affairs of documents in the Environmental Authorization and Hazard Prevention Plan and the measurement and management of air pollutants in the discharge facilities are performed. It is an atmospheric environment comprehensive solution company with both qualifications and requirements to act on behalf of the company.

Occupation safety and health act Article 48
Formulating a plan for preventing any harm and danger before installing or moving any structure, machinery, apparatus, and equipment directly related to the processes of manufacturing the relevant products
Securing sourceful stability for safety
and health of worker

Process of work

  • 01.

    Visiting client and field check-up

  • 02.

    Reviewing environmental characteristics and regulations

  • 03.

    Establishing master plan

  • 04.

    Submitting plan and quotation

  • 05.

    Client’s order

  • 06.

    Drawing up documents

  • 07.

    Registering to competent authorities

  • 08.

    Processing complete

Process of Reviewing and Confirming

Process of Reviewing

Process of Reviewing IMG

Process of Confirming

Process of Confirming IMG

Environmental laws

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