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What’s CFD?

The CFD(Computational fluid dynamics) is a simulation of interaction between fluid and
gas by the analysis of the movement of fever and fluid in computer. The movement of fluid by the given force is predicted.

The Clean air Tech analyses dust collecting efficiency of each working place and provides best solution by using CFD simulation.
We have 4 step process below.
  • Field

  • Running

  • Suggesting

  • Adjusting

01Field diagnosis
The field diagnosis is first step for entire process. An engineer visits and figures out the request of client, environment of work place, type, size and amount of dust.
02Running Simulation
After field diagnosis, we run simulation based on the information from the field. Selecting best way of dust collecting, designing, suitability, equipment and checking the efficiency of dust collector can be done by the simulation.

The Clean air Tech selects suitable dust collector including standard products for each process. For this reason, we check the best condition by using CFD simulation to the inhaling situation, place to be located.
03Suggesting Solution
The engineer suggests the best solution based on the result of simulation. He selects the best product, specification and location with experience of several years and hydraulic engineering technology. Because the size and location of the hood is especially critical factor of inhaling pollutant, selecting the device and location with experience and technology is important.
After the collector is installed, final check is needed. We check the dust collecting efficiency corresponds with the predicted simulation and adjust the collector with the result.

Hood Simulation

Setting up optimized air volume with CFD simulation
Designing appropriate hood is critical factor for the removal efficiency of pollutants.
The optimum air volume is calculated with simulation of hood and pollutants collecting by CFD.
CaseSimulation for removing pollutants on tapping and injecting sites of foundry.
The hood is designed as a trap for collecting fume from melting furnace and injecting site.
The optimum specifications is selected by simulating appropriate fluid flow.

Collecting system simulation

Designing dust collecting system by CFD
CaseArrangement of cyclone unit by analyzing the air flow of multi-cyclone.
When designing high capacity multi-cyclone, several cyclone units are arranged. If the air doesn't flow into each cyclone unit, the efficiency of dust collecting system drops.
By the simulation, It is designed that there is no air congested spot and estimates the collecting efficiency of inflow particles.

Space Simulation

Selecting best space configuration with CFD simulation
CaseAnalysis of turbulent flow for effective collecting pollutants.
For designing the whole ventilation system, the air flow in the space is critical.
With CFD, we check the air flow with considering the factors which can affect the air flow, and suggest the best solution to minimize the turbulence.
  • Before : Show the turbulence before Optimal design.

  • After : Designing the structure to minimize the turbulence with the simulation, the way to remove the pollutants with consistent flow is suggested.